2013 Toyota Camry

2013 Toyota Camry 2013 Toyota Camry
2013 Toyota Camry isn’t likely to stray in the looks, features – or prices – Toyota laid out with the fully redesigned 2012 Camry. That marked the first all-new version of this car since model-year 2007. Despite fresh styling, enhanced telematics, and fuel economy, Toyota kept intact the core appeal that makes Camry this type of popular midsize-car choice. A brand new exterior color or two and maybe a small tweak to equipment or options constitute the extent of likely changes for that 2013 Camry. Toyota, however, will be watching closely to determine what course corrections might be necessary to battle a formidable array of redesigned 2013 Camry rivals, including the 2013 Honda Accord, 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, 2013 Nissan Altima, and 2013 Ford Fusion.
2013 Toyota Camry’s styling is a virtual carbon copy of the all-new look that came online using the model-year 2012 redesign. Contemporary but conservative is the best description. Creased bodywork, the suggestion of a wedge profile, along with a trendy big-mouth lower grille will return. Dimensions is going to be unaltered and the 2013 Toyota Camry will again be a spacious midsize sedan with comfortable seating along with a family-vacation-sized trunk.
The 2013 Toyota Camry will reprise a front-wheel-drive configuration, which places the weight of the engine and transmission within the nose of the car. That promotes efficient packaging and aids traction in rain and snow by concentrating mass within the tires which propel the vehicle. Rear-wheel-drive cars have better-balanced road manners, but Toyota’s goal this is a predictable, driver-friendly character, and Camry delivers.
2013 Toyota Camry will stay mechanically unadventurous — a minimum of when it comes to gaudy horsepower figures or cutting-edge suspension design. Indeed, Camry’s knack for over-delivering on ordinary specifications is a big reason for its wide appeal. Camry is honed to attain a remarkable degree of refinement and given its modest aspirations, it provides good all-around performance, too.
Even while prime rivals like the 2013 Malibu and 2013 Fusion follow the example of the Hyundai Sonata and transition to an all-four-cylinder-engine lineup, expect Toyota to come back the 2013 Toyota Camry with the traditional selection of four- and six-cylinder engines.
Pricing for the 2013 Toyota Camry wasn’t announced in time for this review but expect a base price range close to $22,500-$31,000. (Estimated base prices within this review include the manufacturer’s mandatory destination fee. For 2012 Toyota cars, that fee was $760. Toyotas bought from Southeastern and Gulf states may have a different fee.)
Expect base prices of around $22,500 for that 2013 Toyota Camry L model and $24,000 for the 2013 Toyota Camry LE. The 2013 LE should again add to the L such standard features as variable intermittent windshield wipers and the steering-wheel Bluetooth and audio controls.

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